Monday, November 3, 2014

Beat Winter Weight Gain

Do you dread the winter months and putting on winter pounds? Contrary to popular belief, there’s no scientific evidence to prove that we’re biologically predisposed to weight gain in the colder months. Unless you’re a bear, that is. Weight gain during this time is related to holiday eating and a decrease in exercise during the colder months. Research shows that we tend to gain one or two pounds between late November and early January. That may be a lot less than you thought you’d gained eating Grandma’s stuffing, but studies also suggest that we often don’t lose that weight year after year. “It may be that when spring comes around, you see a few more pounds on the scale than you saw the year before”

A great way to maintain your weight though the winter months is to cook meals from scratch.

The simplest way to control your weight is to eat more home-cooked meals made from whole ingredients, Freedhoff says. “There is probably nothing more straightforward than markedly reducing meals out, packing lunches every single day and avoiding the processed food aisle,” he says, adding that meals made with whole ingredients such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables will almost certainly have lower calorie counts than processed and pre-made food.

A wonderful way to embrace the colder months is to cook what is in season. Pumpkins and other fall squash are low in calories, and packed with fiber, vitamin C,making then a healthy addition to your diet. Here is a wonderful recipe for Butternut Squash Shells that is creamy and delicious without the guilt.
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