Thursday, October 30, 2014


If your goal is to lose weight and exercise more, forget the deprivation diet and marathon workouts. Research shows that taking baby steps...not giant leaps, is the best way to get lasting results. The only nutrition intervention is by building habits slowly, strategically and progressively over time. So what can you do?

Ideal Practices:

Must be able to do it daily
Easy to understand / measure
Feel small, but strategic
Inspire Confidence

Do you think you need help with these ideal practices? We at Sana Vita Studio believe those who achieve great things rarely, if ever, do it alone. They enlist their support team; they surround themselves with the right people who enable them to succeed. We want to be a huge part of you support team to help you achieve your goals. Here is where our nutritional coach Kelli Bonomo, can help you achieve your goals by making you part of the process. Once you take ownership of your life's choices you will see amazing results.

Time and time again do you find yourself in the, "I'll start Monday" Rut? Well, this happens to us all, we get off plan, and then decide ok, I"m gonna start my diet and workouts on Monday and get back on track. Before you know it, Monday comes around and you are in the same old routine, not planning your meals or workouts and it turns into one vicious cycle, week after week. Here's how you break the cycle: Start with the 1% mindset. If I do 1% better today than I did yesterday, then I am still winning! I don't have to be an all or nothing person. That's not real life, and that is definitely not sustainable! Once these small incremental changes in your nutrition and your exercise plan become second nature, they'll benefit you for a lifetime. Don't look at your goals as unattainable, but rather tackle them 1% at a time.

Are you unsure where to even start? We invite you to our talk:

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